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Keep your hand in the Lords
God’s Church Is Going Through
It is always my prayer that God will give me songs that will be a help to everyone who hears them. Sometimes the Spirit will move me quickly through a song, and sometimes it’s a very slow process.

This song was turning out to be one of the slow ones. In fact, I had rather given up trying to do anything more with it, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Just everyday living kept reminding me of it. Terrible things were happening to people, things that were very discouraging. The simple at of watching the news on TV is a real downer. And yet, I had just gone through a crushing experience myself, and by the grace of God, I had been led to a greater confidence that “God’s Church Is Going Through.” I wanted desperately to share that confidence with others. I really wanted to write that song.

The phone was ringing off the wall, and I yelled, “I’ll get it.” It was a close friend of mine on the other end. He was calling to find out how I was getting along after my recent surgery. We talked about all the things people talk about in a conversation like that, then he asked me a question that was to change my life in more ways than I could ever dream possible. He asked me if I would like to come and spend a few days at his place, relax, and share some ideas with him on some new projects he was working on. I talked it over with Dona. She thought I should go. So, though we really couldn’t afford it, I made the trip.

It turned out that he wanted me to go to work for his company. We shared ideas and dreams, and we made plans. It was all very exciting. Then one morning, he invited me to sit in on a project he was working on with a group of co-workers. Wanting no to be in the way, I sat off to one side and observed quietly. It was all extremely interesting for me to see how he managed to keep things going so smoothly with that size of a group. There was a lot of input, a lot of sharing of ideas. Then it happened! Suddenly, two people had opposing views, and it was apparent that neither was going to give an inch. Tempers flared, words were exchanged, and the atmosphere became very tense. My friend quietly suggested a break for ten minutes or so. Everyone left the room. In about fifteen minutes, they all returned to their places. My friend walked in with a big smile on his face and asked them all to sit on the floor in a big circle. After they were comfortable, he said, “This is such a good object lesson, I can’t let it go by. There is no law that says we all have to agree on everything, but there is a law of life that has been proven over and over again. If we don’t pull together as a team, we will lose the battle.”

Nobody there could see the tears in my eyes as I witnessed the very thing I had been looking for to finish my song.
They were just a handful of sinners, but Jesus was in control.
They were all just beginners, but they’d given Him their heart and their soul.
The leaders of the day said it could never go through,
And to prove it they hung Him on a tree.
But just like He said, He rose again, and for the church that was her first victory.

And I know we’re gonna make it together;
We’re gonna see Jesus break through the blue.
Doors will open, trumpets will blast! We’re gonna be home at last.
For God’s church is going through! God’s church is going through.
Though today in times of peace uncertain. I know that Jesus is still in control.
And with hope we’ll do the final curtain, if we’ve given Him our heart and our soul.
There are those who say it will never go through.
And to prove it they claim God has died.
But just like He said, He’s coming again. And He will take home His chosen bride.

© 1975 Chuck Fulmore
Never give up Jesus is coming
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